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 ANSWERS WITHIN 24HFor any questions write to [email protected]

How can I contact MTbici?

You can contact MTBici by phone at 06-9130654 or 3203151998, by WhatsApp or sending an e-mail message to [email protected]: we will answer within a maximum of 48 hours

How can I stay updated on MTbici sales promotions?

To stay updated with the latest sale promotions, the new products and much more, go to the official Facebook MTbici page, click on "Like" and share it with your friends

Are tThe purchased bikes delivered already assembled?

All the bicycles sold on MTbici (with the exception of Cargo Bikes) are delivered 99% pre-assembled. On some models, the user will only have to screw the pedals (taking care to correctly place the right and left ones); in the case of child bikes stabilizers, make sure the handlebar is put straight and adjust the saddle. No special skills are required and even an inexperienced user is able to do so

Does the special Cargo Bikes come assembled?

Cargo Bikes (a.k.a. transport bikes) are not fully pre-assembled for space reasons and the parts to be assembled will vary depending on the chosen model. For more detailed information and advice on fitting, please contact MTbici by phone at 06-9130654 or 3203151998

Can I ship the product purchased at a different address from the one registered?

Yes, the user can easily decide to enter a different delivery address than the one specified in the registration phase. If the user wants to change the address after buying the product, however, he shall promptly notify MTbici which will then modify data accordingly

Can I buy the product if I’m living abroad?

Yes, the products purchased on MTbici can also be shipped to foreign countries. Before buying, it is important that you notify MTbici the country of residence in order to estimate the costs of transportation and related VAT rates

Can I claim a refund of VAT if I’m living abroad?

If domiciled or resident outside the European Union and intentioned to export products outside the EU, you can request a refund of VAT through the Tax Free service that MTBici makes available to its customers.

To receive a refund of VAT, the total amount of the order must exceed EUR 154.94 (including VAT); it must be for personal uses and the items must be shipped to Italy and transported out of the EU within 3 months of receipt by the passport or identity card (only if Swiss) holder

MTbici uses the Global Blue service, that refunds at the time of passing through customs at the established totems or after forwarding directly to Global Blue the stamped customs documents.

In order to benefit of this service, please contact us as soon as you placed the order and we will be happy to issue you the invoice with all the necessary data.

If you have a Global Blue identification number, please indicate it specifically

The information required for the correct compilation of the invoice are:

  1. Full name, as specified on the passport or identity card only if resident in Switzerland
  2. Issuing country
  3. Passport or Identity Card Number
  4. Expiration date
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Country of residence
  7. Complete foreign residence address: Street, City, Postal Code
  8. E-mail
  9. Mobile Phone Number 

Is it mandatory to provide a mobile phone number? What happens if I do not?

During registration, to provide your mobile phone number is completely optional. During purchase, however, you must specify it to enable us to communicate with you in case of any problem and to provide a reference number to the carrier

What issues can there be after the purchase?

WRONG ADDRESS: Sometimes, unfortunately, it may happen that the user enters a bad address due to hurry. This leads to problems in the delivery of products and it is therefore necessary for MTbici to get in touch with the customer to ensure the proper delivery of the goods

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: During the high season, due to the many sales, it can happen that a product is not immediately available. In this case, MTbici promptly alerts the user and ensures a full refund if waiting longer delivery times is not possible for the customer

Can I track my package?

Yes, as soon as your product is shipped you will receive an e-mail with the name of the courier and the tracking number so you can track your delivery

How should I adjust the height of the saddle?

To find the ideal seat height you have to multiply the crotch height by 0,885. This height must be applied starting from the centre of the pedal crank up to the saddle.

Can the electric bike also be used as a regular bike?

Yes. All e-bikes are equipped with a motor to help the cyclist during some difficult moments, but the bike can also be used in normal mode without using the motor

How often do you need to charge the battery of the electric bicycle?

A periodic charging is recommended for proper maintenance when not in use. Under normal atmospheric conditions, recharge the battery every three months, while in other conditions a weekly charge is recommended

After purchase, is the electric bicycle battery delivered already charged?

The batteries of the e-bikes have a small charge, but we suggested you to charge the product before use

What can I do when the battery of my bike is worn off or not working perfectly?

We can regenerate your battery at a cost which is lower then buying a new one or provide a new original one.

Can I convert an ordinary bike into an electric one?

Yes, we can convert your bike, after an estimate.

For any other request of information, we are at your complete disposal

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